Petascale-Class, With Clear Roadmap to Exascale Performance

SGI® ICE X is the next generation of the world's fastest distributed memory platform for over three years running. This performance leadership is proven time and again not just in the lab, but at customer sites including the largest and fastest pure compute InfiniBand cluster in the world.

The system combines the powerful Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family platform with a unique board and interconnect design. Running on standard Linux®, SGI ICE X delivers up to 2,304 processor cores — over 22 teraflops of compute power — per rack, easily scaling from 36 to tens of thousands of nodes to address the most challenging compute problems.

SGI ICE X provides nearly a 5x performance density improvement over the previous industry-leading generation, making your applications fly. With its innovative design, a nearly 2.5x boost in density is also assured, saving valuable space in your data center.

SGI ICE X is designed to minimize system overhead and communication bottlenecks that can rob efficiency and scalability. For example, the system offers the highest performance and most scalable system for CFD, now optimized for SGI OpenFOAM®.

Installs Production-Ready in Hours or Days, Not Weeks or Months

Power up and go, at scale, to solve even the most data-intensive problems.

Entirely built on industry-standard hardware and software components, SGI ICE X enables access to the full spectrum of the Linux ecosystem. SGI Performance Suite optimizes the performance of Linux® applications. And reliability, availability and serviceability are ensured with SGI Management Suite, enabling ease of administration including power management, which is all-important in today's green environment.

Ultimate Flexibility and Seamless Scalability

SGI ICE X is the only system in its class offering expandability within and across technology generations while maintaining uninterrupted production workflow, and is the only platform capable of seamless scalability from tens of teraflops to tens of petaflops. User choice is available in topology and interconnect, power, cooling, CPUs and memory. The integrated bladed design offers rack-level redundant power, as well as cooling via air, cold water and even warm water, for enhanced reliability and availability. The result is a system with unmatched efficiency, performance and overall value.

Also available with storage and visualization options, SGI ICE X sets a new standard for flexibility, simplicity and ease-of-use in scale-out computing. Along with industry-leading professional services and support, SGI enables customers to efficiently overcome the challenges of complex data intensive workflows, leading to accelerated results.