IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services are available including:

  • System analysis
  • Healthcare IT Audit
  • Power/Cooling Analysis
  • Database design
  • Quality of Data cleanup
  • Website Design

Rapid Turn-Up of Data Center Assets

How quickly do you need to get your next Data Center Pod up and running?  Can you wait for real estate permits, architecture, construction, HVAC installation, network installation/configuration, server installation and configuration?  If not, take a look at the SGI Container solutions for Data Center turn up in 60 days.

Data Center Cooling Strategies

Eco-Logical™ Data Centers

PUE as low as ‹1.02


This guide (PDF) describes the key features of modular data centers, and guides potential users in selecting a feature set that best meets their energy efficiency needs.

(Courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Feb 2011)

SGI designs the most reliable and energy-efficient servers and storage, coupled with simplified serviceability and management. We focus on the data center as well and make sure all our solutions address power capacity, space constraints and application usage of the modern data center. In today�s world, the data center can be a typical brick-and-mortar building, but also be mobile and modular.

With our ICE Cube®, built around standard ISO 20- and 40-foot shipping containers, we allow mobility. Our Mobirack™ extends this mobility to a smaller footprint. Our new ICE Cube® Air offers a customer the ability to stand up a new data center in weeks versus months and to start as small as an eight-foot container for four racks and expand to data centers of more than four megawatts in power usage. Finally, we offer racks, power solutions, cabinetry, and remote monitoring hardware and software to complete the data center picture.

ICE Cube®
Modular Data Center
ICE Cube® Air
Modular Data Center
Mobile Data Center

Automated Data Archiving

Automated Data Archiving


SGI® Hadoop Clusters

Having moved beyond its origins in search and Web indexing, Hadoop is fast becoming the de facto standard for large-scale, data storage and analytics applications. Because Hadoop deployments can have very large infrastructure requirements, hardware and software choices made at design time have significant impact in terms of performance and total cost of ownership.

Solutions Brief

SGI Hadoop Solutions

Solutions for Data Analysis on Large Clusters

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SGI is one of the leading commercial providers of Hadoop clusters to the industry's most prominent Hadoop users. SGI offers complete, fully configured Hadoop clusters built on the highly successful SGI® Rackable™ and CloudRack® server lines. A Cloudera Connect Partner, SGI distributes Cloudera software pre-installed on SGI Hadoop Clusters. SGI is a performance leader, having recently announced world record Terasort benchmark results using SGI Rackable servers and running the Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop.

SGI Hadoop Clusters are purpose built to match customer requirements for performance, power optimization, density, and price performance. SGI can build and deliver fully integrated Hadoop clusters based on our reference implementations, or can help you design an optimized Hadoop cluster based on your application requirements, optimization points, and facility/operations constraints.

SGI Hadoop Clusters are built on:

  • SGI Rackable Servers: Rackmount servers that can be deployed in either back-to-back or flow-through configurations, using either traditional AC or rack-level DC power options. SGI Rackable servers provide industry-leading density, power-savings and flexibility. With the ability to draw from a wide variety of commodity components, the Rackable line allows customers multiple configuration design points.

  • SGI CloudRack Servers: CloudRack extends the level of flexibility and power savings available in the Rackable line by implementing a tray design that creates a 'breadboard' over which different combinations and layouts of motherboards and disk drives can be arranged. Hadoop configurations based on CloudRack allow for the largest disk to motherboard ratios available in the industry today. Cooling is provided at the rack level with large, efficient fans. DC variants provides highly efficient rack level rectification, while the AC version provides power supplies at the tray level.

SGI Hadoop Clusters are factory integrated, installed, and serviced by SGI. SGI Management Center, included with your system, provides complete remote monitoring and control of your Hadoop cluster. SGI Hadoop Clusters along with Cloudera's software, services and support form a complete, end-to-end solution for enterprises deploying Apache Hadoop in production or performance-intensive environments. SGI Professional Services provides complete services from conception through implementation, including design optimization, system integration with existing infrastructure, tuning for optimal performance, and more.


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    Barracuda Networks offers the broadest range of advanced security solutions in the industry. Leveraging the benefits of hardware, cloud and virtual technology — backed by threat intelligence from Barracuda Central - Barracuda solutions consistently deliver zero-hour protection.