Gain Competitive Advantage with Solid State Drives in your Data Center

In a Data Center, vast amounts of information are transferred, received, written and erased. Every piece of hardware used needs to be able to handle the traffic, demands, and performance level of an enterprise system. When it comes to compitive advantage, solid state drives (SSD) are superior to hard drives. In turn, Enterprise Multilevel Cell (E-MLC) solid state drives are better quality and offer maximum performance compare to Multilevel Cell (MLC) solid state drives.Stack of SSD Drives

Performance advantages for companies that use MLC and E-MLC include shared storage speed, shorter booting time, energy savings, and agility. The amount of storage needed for enterprise systems is reduced compared to HDD. The energy requirements savings of a MLC system is 99%.

Agility, speed and flexibility increases IT productivity. In addition to IT benefits, SSDs in lowering costs of making decisions, research the competition and studying market trends.
When comparing SSDs, MLC has the benefits of better cost and density, allowing businesses to receive a higher return on investment. If a company requires enterprise level applications, however, the MLC is inefficient in terms of reliability and endurance.

The Enterprise MLC, on the other hand provides the benefits of the MLC with the additional benefits of reliability and endurance. It is able to sustain  expectancy in the write intensive applications that are the norm for enterprise environments. Each application will be reliable for a longer time span than with standard MLCs.

The Enterprise MLCs have to pass tests that are more rigorous than Multi Level Cell SSDs, contributing to its superior quality and performance. They can last up to 20 times longer than standard SSDs and maintain their reliability during that lifetime.

With the amount of data that passes through and is stored in a Data Center, the selected drives need to be able to maintain integrity and minimize loss. The information needs to be available on demand, at times simultaneously from multiple users. Reliability is the key to business success.

Company data is an integral part of what makes a business prosper. Data needs to be retrieved, crunched, and analyzed. Sales, inventory, human resources, customer service, manufacturing, there is no aspect of business where data isn’t essential. The use of Enterprise MLC in the Data Center will make sure that information is safe and ready to be analyzed on command.

If you are looking to upgrade or expand your data center, contact us to find out more information on Enterprise MLC and how these drives can give you company a competitive edge.