SGI InfiniteStorage IS5000

SGI InfiniteStorage 5500 (IS5500) storage system meets both an organization's demanding performance and capacity requirements while not sacrificing simplicity or efficiency. This sixth-generation storage system offers ultimate flexibility. It comes in the IS5500-SP version, with standard firmware compatible with a broad range of heterogeneous environments. In addition, the platform comes in the IS5500 Custom version, with specially tuned firmware for high performance SGI environments.

Configuration Options
This versatility extends to the platform itself, with two interface options –8Gb/s Fibre Channel (FC) or 40Gb/s Infiniband (IB)* and three drive enclosure options supporting up to 384† high performance and nearline SAS drives, self-encrypting drives (SEDs), and solid state disk (SSDs). The IS5500 provides organizations with a storage solution to maximize storage density, reduce operational expenditures through efficiencies, and ensure high productivity.

Unrelenting performance. Delivering unrelenting throughput and IOPs, the IS5500 Storage system supports SGI's tradition of balanced and sustainable performance. With up to 6,000 MB/s and 150,000 IOPs in sustained drive reads, the IS5500 storage system is equally adept at delivering throughput to bandwidth-intensive applications and IOPs to databases-driven applications. The ability to achieve such high performance benchmarks also places the IS5500 in a position to effectively support environments with massive streaming, capacity an availability requirements such as high performance computing, rich media, and life sciences research.

Uptime All the Time
The IS5500 Storage system ensures not only high-speed data access, but continuous access to the data as well. With a legacy of high availability system design, the IS5500 storage system carries on this tradition with redundant components, automated path failover, and extensive online administration capabilities maximizing computational efficiency and productivity ensures no single-point-of-failure exists to keep these environments productive 24x7x365.

Massive Scalability
Today's storage demands not only call for performance and uptime, but it must also keep up with continuous growth and meet the most demanding capacity requirements. The IS5500 supports multiple expansion enclosure types to support this growth. All drive enclosures can be intermixed in a IS5500 system. These enclosures can be expanded up to 384† drives and ensure that you meet a very wide range of tiered data requirements as well as power and density restriction. The IS5500 controllers can also be housed within the ultra-dense 4U 60-drive enclosures, which can be expanded to support up to 384† drives. This system is purpose-built for capacity-intensive environments requiring optimal space utilization and reduced power/cooling requirements. By combining dense storage capabilities and intelligent design, the 60-bay enclosure can provide up to 30TB per U, reduce rack space up to 60%, and lower power and cooling requirements.

Green Efficiencies for Today and Tomorrow
Demands for power consumption reduction are at the forefront as energy costs continue to rise—and the IS5500 Storage system was developed with these requirements in mind. With an intelligent design, support for low-power 2.5" drives, power supplies designed to meet multiple efficiency standards, and variable speed fans, you can expect lower overall energy expenditures. In addition, with 60 drives housed in just 4Us of rack space, the IS5500 Storage system has been optimized for maximum storage density.

Flexibility and Consolidation for Lower Overall Costs
The IS5500 storage system can cost-effectively support an organization's complete range of data performance and capacity requirements with support for high performance 6Gb/s SAS drives, nearline SAS drives, self encrypting drives, and solid state drives in either 3.5-in or 2.5-in form factors. With intermix support for all these drive types within one enclosure, HPC environments can support both their computational intensive and secondary requirements all with a single system.

IS5500, with SGI DMF software, is an ideal primary or secondary tier storage solution for tiered virtualization implementations. It is also ideal as a front-end for active archive architectures using an SGI® COPAN™ MAID solution on the backend.

Relentless Data Security
Drives will inevitably be out of a user's control, either through theft, off-site service or repair, or disposal of old drives. SafeStore™ encryption services combine local key management and drive-level encryption for comprehensive data security that ensures that data is protected throughout the drive's life cycle without sacrificing storage system performance or ease of use.

Two Versions of the Platform
IS5500 & IS5500-SP — The platform comes in the base IS5500 Custom line, with especially tuned firmware intended for SGI high-performance compute environments. With the addition of the IS5500-SP version of the platform, it now also comes with generic firmware, and is ideal for customers integrating the platform into heterogeneous environments with products from other vendors.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP line includes RAID-based configurations with comprehensive interconnect support for Fibre Channel and InfiniBand. They are application-ready for the Oracle Database, VMWare, and Microsoft enterprise software including: SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. The -SP line offers heterogeneous support with the flexibility to tightly integrate with SGI compute line environments, to operate as standalone storage, as well as integrating with other OEM compute lines such as IBM, Oracle, DELL, and HP.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP solutions address the requirements of the most cost-conscious small businesses up to the most demanding data-intensive enterprise environments. With support for all common operating systems including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple Mac OS X and SGI InfiniteStorage products can be deployed to any open systems environment.

Administration Tools
Administrators can choose the mix of features to best meet their data management requirements, features include:

  • Storage Partitions     512 Standard, with OS-specific failover
  • Snapshots     Instantaneously create up to 16 capacity-efficient, point-in-time images per volume, up to 1024 images per system
  • Volume Copy     Create up to 2047 clones within a storage system, up to 8 copy processes occurring simultaneously
  • Remote Volume Mirroring     Supports up to 128 mirrored pairs over dedicated Fibre Channel (FC) host ports on primary and secondary arrays, providing replication to other IS5000 and IS4000 series systems. Features multiple mirroring modes, dynamic mode switching, suspend/resume, secondary volume access and cross-mirroring

* InfiniBand is only available on the IS5500 Custom version. Currently InfiniBand supports up to 240 drives.

† For configurations greater than 192 slots, premium feature key(s) will be required.